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"Nasim's sessions have helped me to realize that breath and meditation have the unbelievable power to reign over the migraine that has tortured me for fifteen years. Most importantly, Nasim opened my eyes and heart to see that disease and stress can be relieved by simply exploring inward, by observing the pain itself and letting it go."

Lisa G.

Combining gentle grace with frank wisdom, Nasim guided me to understand how living an Ayurvedic lifestyle supports my deep desire to live and be physically, emotionally and spiritually well. Living a pattern of wellness can be challenging, especially during periods of stress, grief and “over doing.”
Coaching and supporting someone to make desired changes for their health and well-being is an art! Nasim offers her abundant knowledge and experience to help me make the necessary changes to lead a more coherent life of wellness.
Knowing that true change is an ongoing journey, I am grateful to have found an Ayurvedic practitioner who combines kindness, clarity, patience, compassion and knowledge to create a web of nurturing support. 

Monica L.B.

"Nasim is a very talented, loving and professional yoga therapist. She exceeded my expectations from the first session. Nasim helped me to end a 3 year depression cycle by teaching me to breathe, meditate, love myself and communicate better with my loved ones.  I have and continue to recommend her work since it has changed my life. I received the tools to have a more blissful and fulfilling life."

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