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The dilemma of WHAT to eat

With a new year and tons of new years resolutions hanging in the air,

I keep hearing the question: "WHAT shall I eat"?

"What shall I eat to be healthy"?

"What shall I eat to lose weight"?

"What shall I eat to feel less anxious"?

"What shall I eat or not eat to sleep better?"

Everyone is interested in the WHAT.

My question is: Is the focus on WHAT to eat a true health concern or rather the result of marketing and our consumerist society? In my Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation practice the "WHAT shall I eat"? question is by far the one most posed by my clients. And if you are one of my clients you know that I am often reluctant to give you an answer to this question right away.

Why? Ayurveda teaches us that as important as the "WHAT to eat" question could be,

the "HOW we eat" and "WHEN we eat" could have even greater power!

The HOW is about what atmosphere, mindset and emotional balance do I find myself in when eating. Am I rushed or am I at peace? Am I watching TV or listening to a podcast while eating or is my attention completely on the marvelous tastes that I experience in each bite, mindful how each bite nourishes my body and mind? Am I joyful when I eat?

The WHEN is about whether my previous meal has been completely digested before I introduce new food to my body. Or am I in the habit of snacking continuously regardless of my digestive capacity at a given time? Do I eat my meals in regular intervals or is my meal schedule erratic? Did you know that our food is best digested during the hours of 10 am and 2 pm with 12 noon being the peak of digestive power? Yes, In Ayurveda we speak of digestive power, called Agni. Our health depends largely on this special power within us.

The HOW and the WHEN give us agency over ourselves and our behavior. We get to be in charge.

If this short blog of questions has peaked your interest about YOUR digestive power, YOUR Agni come talk to me as your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant here in your area. You can make an appointment right here on my website under the Yoga Therapy or Offerings tab.

See you for Ayurvedic Yoga

Friday mornings 9:30 - 10:45 am

The space is open a few minutes earlier for us to have time to greet each other, check in and settle in.

Here is the link:

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$55 for a 5 class pass

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Heartful Conversations for January and February are Fridays at 11 am

1/21 and 2/18 respectively, via same link.

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