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Dear friends in Yoga,

I just returned from my summer travels and look forward to seeing your radiant faces this week and beyond!

I also wanted to share with you, that today the world over, we are celebrating Yoga Therapy as an ever-growing healing modality available more and more in medical and alternative settings!

But what does Yoga Therapy mean and how is it different to Yoga? What is the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist?

You will find some of these questions answered in the following article by leading yoga therapist and educator Gary Kraftsow:

I am very happy that I can offer you this service right here in Chapel Hill and Durham areas. For bookings, please, see my website under the Services Tab.

As always, you can come and join me at Triangle Yoga

Thursday nights for a restorative class at 6 pm that focuses on the stillness of the body, while encouraging the movement of the breath throughout the body, as the body is comfortably supported by as many props as you may need. This is a deeply restful and relaxing practice.

Friday mornings, 9:15 am in my Ayurvedic Yoga class, where I really focus on how to practice according to your body type and the current season. This is a heart opening and very nourishing class while moving the body, connecting to breath and spirit.



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