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Keeping Cool, Calm & Hydrated In Summer

Today is the first day of the month of July.

In Ayurveda, the most ancient health system in the world, the months July to October signify Pitta season in the Western hemisphere. And so summer is associated with the qualities of Pitta, which are hot, slightly oily, liquid, sour and pungent. In order to stay balanced in the Pitta months, Ayurveda suggests that you focus on both foods and activities that are cooling, calming and hydrating. But often we continue with our habits of the previous season and create imbalances in our bodies and minds and they may even manifest as irritability and impatience, heartburn, acid reflux, sensitivity to heat, lethargy, skin rashes and difficulty falling asleep. Here are some tips from your very own Ayurvedic health consultant, Nasim Maani, to help you balance your Pitta this summer:

To stay cool, calm and hydrated:

  • drink herbal room temperature teas such as mint, hibiscus and dandelion instead of iced drinks.

  • do not skip meals, and enjoy a big relaxing lunch before 2 pm.

  • Eat more foods that are sweet, bitter, astringent such as ripe fruit, salads, steamed vegetables and coconut oil.

  • Avoid foods that are sour, salty, pungent, dry and spicy such as coffee, chips, salsa, alcohol and spicy foods.

  • practice gentle yoga that brings awareness to your body and breath at the same time.

  • practice Shitali breath.

  • meditate early in the morning and just before dinner- it is a proven stress reliever.

  • Practice self-massage with cooling coconut oil.

  • Allow time for rest and relaxation every day instead of pushing yourself to do one more activity.

For more information on balancing your particular doshas and a Pitta season grocery list, please, book an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation by clicking below


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