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Spring has sprung and with it HOPE. Hope for a more unified humanity, hope that together we will put this pandemic behind us, hope that justice for all will be a matter of course! Nature shows us Hope through the season of Spring. Everything we assumed dead suddenly comes back to life! Personally, it is one of my favorite seasons, because of its potential for growth and renewal. The ancient science of Ayurveda has long taught us to revere these times of transitions from one season to another as they are opportunities for renewal and greater understanding. Spring in this part of the world is characterized by the universal energy of Kapha.

Kapha is made up of the elements of earth and water. The snow in the mountains is melting and we have had lots of heavy rain that powerfully fill the river beds. In our bodies we may also feel that same heaviness, stickiness and coldness of earth and water coming together - similar to mud. This is the time of congestion in the lungs and the sinuses, as well as a time when we feel mentally lethargic and our “heavier” winter food is only one aspect of this weight.

YOGA and AYURVEDA have very practical suggestions of how to balance this heaviness and bring lightness, joy and warmth back to us and sustain us all the way through to the Spring and beyond. As the old adage in Ayurveda says: “like increases like and opposites balance”, we need to balance our daily routine with more heat both for our digestion (through ginger and other warming spices) as well as our bodies through more vigorous movements and heating breath practices.

I invite you to join me and other wonderful souls for my WEEKLY AYURVEDIC YOGA CLASS via Zoom, where we thoroughly explore these concepts in a movement class that is kindly heating and yet gentle enough to soothe our nervous systems:

Fridays, 9:30 am (75 Min) AYURVEDIC YOGA

I'd also like to birth a new idea and create a space where we can get together to share.

I'd like to call it TEA and ❤️FUL CONVERSATIONS. It is really because I miss YOU and those transitions before and after a physical class where often deep conversations were possible even in a short period of time. So I invite you to this FREE space after class every Friday at 11 am. That gives us 20 minutes to transition, make a cup of tea and rejoin 😉🙏🏽 You can join this space even if you haven’t been to class 😊

Fridays, 11 am (45 min) HEARTFUL CONVERSATIONS

Here is the link for all classes, appointments and conversations

Classes can be purchased via this link

$12/single class

$55 for a 5 class pass

$105 for a 10 class pass

Appointments for Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic consultations are every

Thursday and Friday via the website under 'Yoga Therapy' tab.

In gratitude and looking forward to catching up with you all,


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