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Justice Is Healing

Black Beauty

I'm feeling so grateful to be living during these earth-shaking times!?!?

No, I truly am.

Most of this last week I have been heartbroken, as I am sure, many of you have been! I'm also learning a lot, being educated by my brothers and sisters, endeavoring to listen deeply, to meditate, pray and think deeper about what one section of our society has been enduring for centuries.

The utter disrespect for human dignity that we witnessed this last week has existed for a very long time and yet suddenly it opened the eyes of whole societies across the world! I am grateful for this: to be living at a time when we are growing closer in the understanding of an irrefutable fact, that we are ONE HUMAN RACE. If the pandemic was not enough to show us this, we were just presented another opportunity.

Of course, this point of view comes from a place of privilege in this country, because I am not black, and yet it also comes from a place of deep belief in the oneness of humanity. Both my privilege and my belief must be honestly lived by asking myself the question daily, really daily, just like any practice: How am I humbly contributing to justice and healing, and how I am in the way of it, or worst of all, a bystander? How can my privilege be used constructively, creatively to achieve justice and healing? These are challenging questions for me. Especially, if they are to be asked daily.

I draw hope from the imagery of HEALING though, as that is my life's humble work of service. Healing requires us to see the disease, to give it a name before we can administer a remedy. It asks for loved ones (community and institutions) and ourselves (the individual) to show up DAILY to care for it. The healing process is often very uncomfortable, hence dis-ease, and demands sacrifices. Healing requires education about better ways and more sustainable therapies, it asks for time and trust and it demands a healer (JUSTICE).

May we all see ourselves as healers, as part of the solution. This is why I'm so grateful to live in this day.

" No light can compare to the light of justice. The establishment of order in the world and the tranquility of the nations depend upon it." ~ Baha'u'llah

With much love and deep faith in the nobility of the human race,


PS: Thank you for all of you, who participated in the 20 Day Full Yogic Breath Challenge! It would be so wonderful, if you could take the time, to write me back and let me know, if you were able to practice for 20 days and how it felt for you! I will then pick a winner :)

Thank you all of you, who participated in the 20 Day Full Yogic Breath Challenge

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