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Why is it important to know one's "doshas"?

When I meet a new yoga therapy client, one of the first things I do after listening them to them about why they have come to see me, is to determine their "essential nature", their constitution. Each person's constitution has 3 elements, called the doshas with their very own proportions, called prakriti.

As an architect I look at the doshas as the building blocks that are completely unique to that person from the moment of conception and that determine their constitution. It's their very own blue print and no one else has one quite like them. Hence the question is: what are the foundational elements of this person's mind-body system? ​

​Understanding that question is the way your yoga therapist can help you get in touch with your inner intelligence. It becomes a tool of empowerment!

Would you like to know your doshas? Ayurveda, the 5000 year old and very first medical system of our world, has organized this information into a system of psychophysiological body types comprised of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

In my upcoming workshop series titled Ayurveda and Yoga I will be explaining this empowering system and you will be able to take a test to determine your doshas.

To sign up and register for one or all of these workshops, kindly, follow this link :

If you'd like to make a private appointment to see me, to determine your doshas and learn how to use this knowledge, I am available for appointments under my services tab (Initial Yoga Therapy Assessment).

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at Restorative Yoga 6-7:15 pm or tomorrow at Ayurvedic Yoga at 9:15 am , both at Triangle Yoga.

Heartfelt blessings on this beautiful day,


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