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Transition and Stability

How have the last few months been for you?

For me it has been difficult to sit down and write a blog (it's been 3 months and I usually try to write one every month), mainly because changes and transitions have been plentiful and all my energy has gone into adjusting and keeping the balance, while all the while looking for opportunities to learn new ways.

And now even the seasons are changing on us almost over night and we can feel that change in body, mind and spirit.

In the time-tested health tradition of Ayurveda, fall is a very potent time of transition. The shift is evident everywhere around us, as we move from the heat and humidity of the summer to a drier, crisper fall season. The trees and shrubs are changing, slowly shedding their leaves and with it the quality of light is transforming. And then there is the wind: in the next few weeks slowly gathering strength, bringing with it a greater dryness that feels particularly welcome after the hurricane season here in NC, but can also manifest in our bodies as inexplicable stiffness in the joints and dryness in our skin, as well as a flightiness in our thoughts. This is why gentle cleansing and rejuvenation practices are honored traditions during this time. Clearing the body from the accumulated heat of the summer, they allow us to move into the winter months with greater strength, stability and immunity. Wouldn't we all love to strengthen our immunity right now?

In my graduate studies on Ayurveda I am learning that true stability and immunity come from a deep connection to our best resource: our inner essence. That is why gentle yoga routines, warm and nourishing meals and a good dose of quiet reflection, prayer and meditation are beautiful antidotes to the dry and cold qualities of the Vata season we are about to enter.

For more information on Ayurvedic cleanses and lifestyles, feel free to sign up for a safe online Ayurvedic consultation right here on my website under the 'Services' tab or join us for an online Ayurvedic Yoga class offered twice a week:

Fridays at 9:30 am through Triangle Yoga

( - please purchase a class card or single class with them)


Tuesdays 11 am from my own studio starting October 6th, 2020. (classes can be purchased here:

I look forward to seeing you at any of these offerings with great joy!

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